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The Trainer is unlike any other test prep book you've ever used, and it is the most advanced and effective LSAT study resource available today. Here are eight sample chapters so you can see the difference for yourself.

1. Intro to the LSAT

Includes discussion of the different types of sections, what types of skills the LSAT measures, and how to maximize your prep efforts.


2. Intro to Logical Reasoning

Includes discussion of the different types of Logical Reasoning problems and the keys to improvement
and mastery.


3. Intro to Logic Games

Includes discussion of what makes Logic Games difficult and the characteristics necessary for high-level Logic Games success.


4. Intro to Reading Comp

Includes discussion of which specific reading skills the LSAT Reading Comprehension section is
designed to test.


5. Logical Reasoning Flaws

Includes discussion of where to look for argument flaws, how to find them, and how flaws relate to various question types.


18. Sufficient Assumption

(+ Principle Questions) Includes discussion of conditional logic language, and Sufficient Assumption and Principle question strategies.


31. LSAT Vocabulary

Includes discussion of key terms for each section and the qualifiers "some" and "most," as well as
extreme challenge drills.


37. Reading Comp Review

Includes a summary of the Reading Comprehension instruction given throughout the book, as well as a discussion of section timing strategies.



1. Simple and clear instruction

The Trainer provides you with everything you need to know about the LSAT, and it does so in a manner that makes it easier to absorb the material and apply what you learn.

2. Intuitive and effective strategies

The LSAT is a test of fundamental reading and reasoning abilities that all of us have. Whereas many other LSAT learning programs encourage you to memorize methods meant to override your natural instincts, the Trainer provides strategies that are designed to align with and augment them.

3. Advanced design

Part of the reason I love teaching the LSAT is because I am naturally interested in how we think and how we learn. I’ve spent many years researching pedagogy and honing my own LSAT teaching methodologies, and I hope that my obsession with designing the optimal learning experience is evident on every single page of the book.

4. Unique drills

Before I started writing the Trainer, I spent many months breaking down over ten years worth of practice exams in terms of all of the specific skills necessary to combat every single challenge presented by every single problem — I then designed the Trainer lessons around my research. As part of that, I’ve included over thirty major drills (and dozens of smaller ones) that are specifically designed to strengthen those fundamental skills and habits that are necessary for overall LSAT success.

5. 200+ official LSAT practice problems

The problems are carefully selected and organized so that you can get plenty of practice at applying everything you learn as you go through the book. The problems are also curated to ensure that as a whole they give you an accurate representation of the exam, and each sample question comes with step-by-step real-time solutions.

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