The LSAT Trainer is the most effective LSAT learning product ever created.

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The LSAT Trainer is a comprehensive self-study guide for the Law School Admission test. It includes instruction and strategies for the Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension sections, as well as dozens of drills and hundreds of real LSAT problems that help you convert your learning into an effective skill set.


The trainer also comes with a notebook organizer and a variety of free study schedules, designed to help you bring together the work you do in the trainer with outside drilling and practice exams.


The trainer has quickly become the favorite of smart students everywhere and is currently the top-rated LSAT study guide on Amazon.

Hi. Thank you for visiting the trainer website. One thing that I'd like for you to know about me is that I love my job. I love breaking apart the LSAT in order to figure out how it works, I love coming up with strategies and testing out how effective they are for students, I love teaching, and I love writing, and I love the art and challenge of book design. I also love making videos, writing articles, creating infographics, and designing websites.


Most of all, I love having a positive influence on the lives of so many ambitious and talented students.


This website is intended to serve three overlapping groups:


For those already studying with the trainer, it provides study schedules and an organizer, as well as videos, articles, and infographics to summarize and augment the book instruction.


For those interested in learning more about the trainer, it provides all of the above and, in addition, eight full sample chapters of the book.


And, for those who are just looking for free study advice, I hope this website provides the highest quality information about the LSAT available on the internet.


Learning + drilling + practice exams + review has proven to be the most effective method for preparing for the LSAT. Use one of these free and simple study schedules to combine the important work you do in the

trainer with the important work you do outside of it.

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