The LSAT Trainer.

The LSAT Trainer is a self-study guide for

self-driven students who are seeking

significant score improvement.

And it is unlike any other study guide

you've ever seen before.

The Trainer is simple.
What is the LSAT designed to test? Trainer page optimized.

The Trainer breaks down all of the challenges of the exam and organizes them into just a few basic categories,  as shown on this page. This is page 13 from sample Chapter 1 available here.

A simple understanding and simple strategies are more effective

on test day. The LSAT Trainer provides information and

strategies that are clear and precise.

But not any simpler than

it needs to be.


Study schedules

and more.


Articles, infographics, and videos to help you prepare for the exam.


Experience the Trainer

for yourself.


About what makes the

Trainer unique.

The Trainer is innovative.

In both content and design.

Page 36 from sample Chapter 2. Logical Reasoning success requires a nuanced understanding of the similarities and differences among question types. This diagram helps represent those relationships, and the size of the circles indicates how often each question type appears on the exam. The LSAT Trainer offers a revolutionary curriculum and does so in a manner that facilitates learning.

The Trainer is
worthy of your trust.

I believe that I have a unique ability to understand standardized exams and to help others get better at them. Previously, I co-created Manhattan LSAT, one of the most well-respected LSAT courses in the country. My mission is to be an advocate for inspired, hard-working, and self-driven students.


Before starting the Trainer, I spent many months studying a collection of over ten years worth of published LSAT exams, carefully cataloging and organizing every single challenge presented by every single problem. I then designed the Trainer curriculum around all that I had uncovered. I did this in order to ensure that the Trainer provides the student with every bit of information he or she needs for success on test day.


For each challenge the exam presents, I provide strategies that are simple, clear, and proven to be effective. These strategies are the very best that I have developed and learned from working with thousands of students.


Most of the other popular LSAT guides on the market were initially designed to be used in classrooms, and the books are sold to the public in order to market the classes. Thus, many of these products are not intended to help guide your entire study process. The Trainer was specifically designed from the beginning as a tool for self-study students, and thus it covers important topics, such as how to organize your study time or how to develop effective test-day timing strategies, that other books don't. The Trainer also comes with additional free study tools such as these shown below.

Trainer Notebook Organizer Cover Image
LSAT Q Breakdown Exams 29 - 71 Image
And the Trainer is amazingly effective.

Thousands of students have already seen the benefits. The Trainer

is the most popular and well-respected new LSAT study

guide to be released in over a decade.

"This work is phenomenal, I credit it for my 180, and I unconditionally recommend it to every single person studying for the LSAT."

Excerpt from review by Lily.

The LSAT Trainer is available in

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on amazon.