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The LSAT Trainer is a self-study guide specifically designed for students who are seeking significant improvement on the Law School Admission Test. The Trainer offers simple, smart, and remarkably effective instruction and strategies for every facet of the exam. Over the past two years, more than twenty thousand students have used the Trainer to prepare for the LSAT, and students who have done so are now at every major law school in the country.


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LSAT Trainer Sample Chapters

The LSAT Trainer is unlike any other LSAT study guide you've ever seen. Take a look for yourself. Here are eight sample chapters that can help you determine if the Trainer is right for you.

Please click here to see more information for prospective students, including more about the author, and student reviews.

Study Schedules

A successful LSAT study regimen typically consists of a combination of learning, drilling, practice exams, and review. These free Trainer study schedules can help you combine and organize the work you do in the Trainer with the work you'll do outside of it.

Please click here to see more additional student resources, including a notebook organizer, question breakdown, and instructional blog.

article & Video

How to Review LSAT Reading Comprehension

This article gives tips on how to practice and review LSAT Reading Comprehension passages. Also includes a free video lesson.


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