Mike Kim


An infographic that breaks down all games from exams 29-69 based on their common characteristics.
An infographic that organizes games by category, and includes discussion of the 10 hardest games.
A video about the basic design of LSAT Logic Games. Includes a sample question, and tips on diagramming.
A short video about five dangerous everyday words and phrases that cause test takers to lose thousands of points on the LSAT each year: most, some, only if, unless, and or.
An infographic with basic timing strategies for all three sections.
An article on the pluses and minuses of self-study, classes, and tutoring.
An infographic about the different types and categories of LSAT Logical Reasoning questions.
An infographic on the common notations that are most useful for diagramming LSAT Logic Games.
An infographic on how all LSAT Logic Games are designed.
An article with some tips on how to review your Reading Comprehension work.
Excerpt from the mini ebook "How to Study for the LSAT." Includes general advice about LSAT prep.
An infographic on the rules of conditional logic as they pertain to the LSAT.
An article detailing the underlying design of the exam.
A short video with general tips about how to study for those just beginning their LSAT prep.
An infographic about the different sections of the LSAT.
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