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A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student.

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The LSAT Trainer is a self-study guide specifically designed for self-driven students who are seeking

significant improvement on the Law School Admission Test.


It is smart, simple, and remarkably effective, and it is is changing how top

students everywhere prepare for the exam.


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Trainer a bit better.

I've been through a helluva lot of LSAT prep books and, by far, I think this is the most comprehensive, well-thought out book there is. It's obvious that the author not only understands the LSAT (maybe better than the writers themselves), but also has a knack for teaching. There were multiple times in this book where I felt the author addressed concerns I knew I had but couldn't verbalize. I think tutoring hundreds of students who are keen to get 99th percentile scores does that to you.” - Zain, Amazon Reviewer


sample chapters

The Trainer is unlike any other study guide you've ever seen, and it's the highest quality LSAT learning resource available to students today.

But of course I'm going to say that! Here are eight sample chapters so that you can take a

closer look for yourself.

LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter
LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter
LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter
LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter LSAT Trainer Sample Chapter


instructional pAGES

Essential details, sample problems, study tips and more for the Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comp sections.

five reasons to study with the trainer

It's Comprehensive.

Before writing the book I broke down over ten years worth of published exams in terms of all of the various challenges that they present. I then designed the book around all that I had uncovered. If you study with the Trainer, you don't have to go into the exam worried that you might run into something that you aren't prepared for.

It's Battle-Tested.

Over ten thousand students a year depend on the Trainer to prepare for the LSAT, and their results have been remarkable.  You can trust in the quality of the instruction and strategies.

It's Simple.

No unnecessarily technical terminology or strategies here. The Trainer will give you all the tools you need for success, but it'll do so in a simple, easy-to-absorb manner that will allow you to more quickly get on to the task of developing your own personal mastery.

It's Smart.

Since its release, the Trainer has earned more Amazon reviews than any other LSAT study guide, and done so with an average 4.6 rating. Students who prepare with the Trainer are very, very satisfied with the quality of the instruction and the strategies that it provides.

It's Amazingly Effective.

The reviews of the Trainer on Amazon, Goodreads, and just about any popular LSAT-related forum tell story after story after story after story of students whose scores have drastically changed from studying with the Trainer, and students who have prepared with the Trainer are now at every top law school in the country. The Trainer works. And it works amazingly well.

Lastly, please note that the Trainer is completely unique.  I promise you that you that won't find an LSAT study guide like it anywhere else. Please take a look at the sample chapters if you'd like to see for yourself what makes the Trainer so special.

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The LSAT Trainer

“This book is as concise and to-the-point as they come. The instruction is always clear and meaningful. It's challenging, efficient to study, easy to understand, inexpensive, and thorough. ”

     - Jonathan Mark K., Amazon reviewer