LSAT Readiness Checklist
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Study schedules, Logic Games solutions, a Readiness Checklist, and more, all free, and all designed to help you get the most from your prep time and your study efforts.

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What do Other Students Think of the Trainer?

I’ve been through a helluva lot of LSAT prep books and, by far,
I think this is the most comprehensive, well-thought
out book there is.

- Zain

This book is as concise and
to-the-point as they come.
The instruction is always clear
and meaningful.

- Jonathan K.

Simply the best there is… A
step-by-step tutorial that
helps you see the LSAT in the
way 170+ scorers do.

- Kory D.

This work is phenomenal, I credit
it for my 180…
and I
unconditionally recommend it to every single person studying for
the LSAT.

- Lily

A truly remarkable self-study
Not only does Mike
Kim make it easy to learn, he
makes it fun.

- Peggy H.

It very clearly and simply explains the different sections, but
differently than others. It doesn't teach you tips and tricks, but
rather how to think.

- Landon

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LSAT Readiness Checklist
Logic Game Solutions on MacBook